Global Partnerships

A global world = a global real estate partnership    

    In response to the needs of our global world and clients, we became a founding team of a groundbreaking partnership comprised of the finest Sotheby’s real estate professionals in every key market worldwide. The scope and stature of this partnership represents a first in our industry.
     In over 30 markets and growing, we work in lockstep, enabling each other to have our fingers on the pulse of the worldwide real estate market at all times. We offer the ultimate in service to our clients: we give them our unparalleled expertise and access in the real estate world and we share our extensive network of contacts, which are the most coveted resources and experiences life has to offer, both inside and outside the home. Our clients know when they work with us they have direct access to all of this, wherever they are. 

Meet my Global Partners

Aspen, CO – Craig Morris
Bermuda – Buddy Rego
Bermuda  – Penny MacIntyre
Boston, MA – Beth Dickerson
Bridgehampton, NY – Dana Trotter
Big Island, HI – Dodie MacArthur
Chicago, IL – Chris Feurer
Dallas, TX – Robbie Briggs
Dubai – Eric Roche
French Alps – Olivier Roche
Greenwich, CT – Shelly Tretter
Honolulu, HI – Mary Worrall

Jackson Hole, WY– The Spackmans & Associates
Los Angeles, CA – Barry Peele
Miami, FL – Mayi de la Vega
Orange County, CA – Rob Giem
Palm Beach, FL – Cris Condon
San Francisco, CA – Gloria Smith
Santa Barbara, CA – Suzanne Perkins
Seattle, WA – Dean & Stacy Jones
South of France – Cyrille Jalon
Telluride, CO – Bill Fandel
Toronto, Canada – Paul Maranger, Fran Bennett & Christian Vermast
Washington, DC – Michael Rankin